TrackIf Intelligent Alerting Platform for Retail

Categories: Innovators, Retail, Tech

TrackIf is pioneering a new way for retailers and their vendors to market to shoppers. The technology simply ‘asks’ shoppers to set their criteria and give their permission for marketing communications sent to them. This Intelligent Alerting platforms lets shoppers request emails for product price drops, back-in-stock, new items added by brand and other product changes. With most e-commerce sites converting about 2% of product page viewers, retailers traditionally have retargeted the 98% who don’t buy with irritating emails and ads to try to bring the shopper back. TrackIf’s white label “shopper-requested” alerts convert at 2.5 to 10 times better than traditional marketing content. The company recently raised a $5M Series A venture capital round, and has customers including the largest e-commerce companies in Minnesota and other large retailers nationwide.

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