true dough

True Dough

We are two moms (sisters, actually) who started a pizza dough company. Crazy right? We started making pizza dough in our own kitchens, for our own families, for a few reasons. First, our families love pizza. (Who doesn’t, really?) Second, the pizza at most restaurants is overpriced and often underwhelming. Finally, the grocery store options were way short on taste and loaded with chemical additives and preservatives. At True Dough we value integrity, quality, and creativity, and our products reflect that. With True Dough you get a clean conscience and a clean plate, every time.

At True Dough our products are 100% certified USDA Organic and our wholesome ingredients are locally sourced from the Midwest as much as possible. We do not use any additives or preservatives, that is why you will find our products in the freezer section. Instead of using artificial chemicals, we give our dough the time it needs to fully ferment and rise. This results in superior flavor and texture that is unmatched in any other store bought pizza dough product.

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local crate logo

Local Crate

Local Crate wants to make it easier for everyone to cook and eat locally. We believe we can accomplish this with our local meal-kit delivery service. We work with local chefs to create delicious recipes, source as many local ingredients as possible, portion for a 2 serving meal, and finally deliver it to your home or office in a temperature controlled cooler. Then you become the Chef, with the photo instruction step by step recipe card, creating delicious meals in the comfort of your home.

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Farmhouse Market logo

Farmhouse Market

Farmhouse Market is a small local & organic foods market that works directly with local farmers and food producers in addition to natural foods distributors to make the good food you want to eat more accessible close to home. Farmhouse Market is open 24/7 to members (and limited hours to the public) through the use of a keycard entry system and a self-checkout.

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Five Vodka

We believe that great vodka should be made by cooks and not chemists.  Five Vodka is crafted in Minnesota.  We like to think big but we craft in small batches with real ingredients that make the difference.  We promise to bring you the same vodka we first tasted lakeside when we knew we had found “the one”.

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SelfEco makes sustainable, plant-based, compostable catering products with patent-pending hanger design. And tree-free, biodegradable, home/garden planters. SelfEco products are proudly made in the USA from plant-based materials and compete with traditional plastics in both pricing and functionality.

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Urban Organics

Urban Organics is working to fix a broken food system one delicious meal at a time. The concept is simple. Local equals fresh. Fresh equals nutritious. Nutritious equals healthy, for people and community. The process is equally simple. Urban Organics farms with aquaponics, where fish and plants help each other grow. We’re making it happen right now in Saint Paul at the former Hamm’s Brewery. Our mission is to inspire a better food system for the people, by the people.

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Foodsby connects local restaurants with local office buildings to optimize food delivery – bringing offices a variety of lunch delivery options at the lowest possible cost.

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Garden Fresh Farms

We are a Aquaponic operation raising rainbow trout, which create the fertilizer for growing herbs and produce indoors hydroponically. It’s always 70 degrees and sunny in our building which enables us to provide locally grown products year round without pesticiles or chemical fertilizers and only a few miles from our customers.

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Conservis provides farm management software to help you see your operation from the dirt up.  Track field activities, manage inventories and analyze yields.  The Conservis platform connects your information to manage your progress today and harvest opportunities ahead.  

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We are a startup leading the charge to bring robotic solutions to solve the most pressing problems in agriculture. We want corn growers to choose Rowbot because they know the future can have higher yields, healthier soils, and less waste.

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